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Sharana Basappa

orn in Guddevari village, Gulbarga, Sharana faced life’s challenges with unwavering determination. Blinded since birth, he found solace and support in the Ashwini Angadi Trust (AAT), joining it during the 9th grade. Despite losing vision in his tenth year, two successful eye surgeries made it manageable.



Now 25, Sharana is a testament to resilience. Working at Phonepay, he earns 15,500/month. He pursued a BA HEP at Shanthi Dhama College, securing an impressive 85%. Orphaned since a very young age, he credits Ashwini Angadi for being a mother figure.

Dreaming of a career in government service, particularly in the developmental sector, Sharana envisions impacting schools and NGOs. With a decade-long association with Ashwini Angadi Trust, he cherishes the routine and care they provide. Having won the Best Student Award in SSLC, he excelled in PU and dreams of sports and music competitions.


Sharana’s success story intertwines with Ashwini Angadi Trust’s pivotal role. From basic needs to emotional support, AAT became Sharana’s family. He aims to expand its reach, envisioning a brighter future for students like him. His passion for athletics, especially running, symbolizes his determination to sprint towards success despite life’s hurdles, empowered by the nurturing embrace of Ashwini Angadi Trust.


About Me


In the heart of Bellary district, the story of Ramu H, an eighth-grader triumphing over blindness, inspires. Despite family neglect, Ramu achieved the highest grade in this year’s Junior test, showcasing his extraordinary talent.

With a dream to teach music in a Central Government High School, Ramu finds support in the Ashwini Angadi Trust. Guiding him towards independence, the trust fosters his aspirations and journey.


Through generous donations, the trust crafts Ramu’s success story by providing educational resources, mentorship, and a nurturing environment. Ramu’s journey, illuminated by the trust, symbolizes the transformative impact of community support.


Together, they pave the way for a future where Ramu’s dreams become a reality, showcasing the power of compassion and dedication to creating opportunities for those who face unique challenges.

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Hailing from Mundargee Village in Koppala district, Chennamma embodies resilience and achievement despite partial blindness, with only light perception. Excelling in the eleventh grade commerce stream, her journey to success began with a notable accomplishment—scoring a first-class result in the tenth grade.


Beyond academics, Chennamma shines in the realm of chess, having clinched victory at the state level competition. Her success story is a testament to determination, breaking through barriers and thriving academically and in her passion for chess.

Chennamma’s achievements challenge preconceived notions about what can be achieved despite visual impairments. With each move on the chessboard and every academic milestone, she inspires those around her.


Her story emphasizes the importance of recognizing and nurturing diverse talents within every individual, regardless of physical challenges. As she navigates the eleventh grade with commendable spirit, Chennamma continues to inspire with resilience and excellence.


About Me


Archana‘s success owes a significant part to the Belaku Academy, operated by the Ashwini Angadi Trust. This institution played a pivotal role in providing her with the necessary support, guidance, and training. The academy’s commitment to inclusivity and empowerment allowed Archana to harness her potential in both javelin throw and her passion for dance.

Under the mentorship and resources provided by the academy, Archana not only excelled in sports but also found a platform to nurture her artistic aspirations. The Belaku Academy, through the Ashwini Angadi Trust, stands as a beacon of empowerment, demonstrating that with the right support system, individuals with unique challenges can overcome obstacles and achieve greatness in diverse fields. 

Archana’s success story becomes a testament to the transformative impact of institutions that prioritize inclusivity and enable individuals to reach their full potential.