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A Guiding Light for the Visually Impaired, Ashwini Angadi Emerged in February 2014. 


Over the Decade, This Trust Has Championed Children and Transformed Communities. Our Tale Is a Symphony of Inclusivity, Fueled by a Vision Where Every Child Shines. Dive into Our Luminescent Journey, Igniting Change and Illuminating Lives

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In every project, Ashwini Angadi illuminates lives with positive change, fostering inclusion and empowerment for a brighter future.Discover our journey in creating a brighter and more inclusive future together.

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project Jnanajyothi

Jnanajyothi, by Ashwini Angadi Trust, is a haven for mentally challenged children facing adversity. Providing free accommodation, food, and specialized training, we offer more than just care—we offer love and empowerment.


At Jnanajyothi, every child is embraced with warmth and acceptance, fostering growth and resilience.


Together, let’s brighten their paths and build a society of inclusivity and hope. Join us in lighting up the lives of our Jnanajyothi children.


Our Journey

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Chess Player

I want to be a national chess champ. I practice every day to get better at  my moves and make my dream come true.

Carnatic Singer

I dream of being famous in carnatic music. I sing and practice a lot, hoping to be known all over the country

National Player

I wish to be a famous Cricket player. I practice a ton, aiming to be the best in the country and fulfill my big dream.

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“In the realm of darkness, education becomes the beacon of light, empowering every individual to defy limitations and discover their unique brilliance.”

Ashwini Angadi

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At Aswani Angadi Trust, I've seen how happy and different the children become. They smile a lot, and it's wonderful to see the good changes happening in their lives. The trust is like a safe and happy place where the kids grow and learn. I feel lucky to be part of making their lives better at Aswani Angadi Trust.

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