Ashwini angadi trust
provides assistance to children in need.

Ashwini Angadi trust provides assistance to children in need.So far, we have focused our attention on providing children with visual impairments educational support to enable them to live their lives to the fullest.

We identify children from vulnerable communities in remote villages and volunteer to provide for their educational and living needs.

We use your support to enrich their lives and empower them to realize their potential.

We run Belaku Academy, a full-fledged residential school in the heart of Bangalore. This school currently accommodates about 35 students. Belaku Academy attracts students from remote villages in Karnataka, India. Children who often find themselves with no

However, we have bigger dreams - we are looking to build another bigger school so that no needy child is turned away for lack of space.

Students here are taught computer science, and complex science experiments, as with any other school. Belaku Academy is equipped with a separate science lab, a digital library, and students are provided headphones in the computer lab.

The children also learn life skills, and we frequently take them out for movies or cultural performances.

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