Our Work - Belaku Academy


All children are visually impaired.
Learning simple tasks of life is difficult for these children.
Life in the school starts at 5 AM.
Children are taught to fold and keep their beds clean.
Toilet and bath training is given.
Prayer at 6 AM with chanting of hymns.
Yoga and exercise at 7 AM.
Pooja and breakfast after thanks giving song to God.
Academic teaching to children from 9 to 4 PM.
Normal and visually impaired teachers do the teaching.
English, Kannada, Maths, Science, History, Geography classes.
Music training in Vocal, Tabla, Harmonium etc. with Carnatic music.
Sports training in Chess, Carom, Throw ball, Cricket etc.
Evening free time and study time.
Dinner and thanks giving.
Apart from education, culture and importance of honesty, values in life are taught.
Special educational needs for visual impaired with vocational training for life’s skills is imparted.
Sundays are usually devoted to visitors and donors where children show their talents and sing for the guests.
Outings for Parks, Museums, Temples, Movies, Cultural competitions, Performances at various events are frequently done.
Vacation and home visits are in summer holidays.
Nutritious balanced diet is given.
Rotary club in Bangalore sponsors ration for entire schools needs.