Our Work - Belaku Academy

Belaku Academy is a school for visually challenged children; the institution will be functioning under the “Ashwini Angadi Trust” registered in Feb/2014. Initiated by Ms. Aswini Angadi, a global youth ambassador for empowering the differently abled children, from all over Karnataka.

Objectives of the Academy:

1. Equipping blind children to survive in the competitive world through good quality education;
2. Giving importance to Science and mathematics;
3. Adoption and utilization of upcoming technologies for studying;
4. Making children recognized at international level through engaging them at global children campaign for education;
5. Training them in all sports and cultural activities with regular syllabus;
6. Train them in taking notes through assistive aids including Braille and;
7. Encouraging inclusive education by enrolling students to regular (integrated) school post 4th standard.

Vision of the Academy:

1. Training children to become independent to pursue higher studies;
2. Creating a platform to be recognized at global level;
3. Making them to be accomplished in all the activities including education in this challenging world and;
4. Encouraging their talents through engaging them in Media.

Your Patronage:

Financial support to manage operational activities and personnel costs for technical and non-technical staff of the academy with an extended support in catering materials, study equipment, utilities etc.,

Further, talented individuals may also participate in imparting their knowledge to our children to articulate the activities in which the volunteers are accomplished.

A last word:

Hope we all remember these golden words said by Dr. B R Ambedkar - “You should always cherish some ambition to do something in this world”

Wish our children can aspire with their independent, successful and dignified lives through more support and co-operation from people at large, who want to make a difference in the civilised society.