Get Involved

"There are lots of ways to get involved, have your say and help influence decisions that affect differently abled."

Interested people can

*Donate money
*Donate clothes, furniture, bedsheets, school uniforms, computers, old clothes, shoes, Toilet items, medicines, sweets, toys, books, bags, spectacle, braces, stationery items etc.
*Organise day outs with vehicle to parks, movies, museums, temples, other school events etc.
*Teach English, general knowledge, maths etc.
*Adopt a child for a year for Rs. 50000/-
*Sponsor a computer - Rs.25000/-
*Feed the school for a day - Rs.10000/-
*Feed the school for a meal - Rs.5000/-
*Gift the children - Rs.2000/-
*Spread awareness about school after visiting and spending time with the children by sharing details of visit and photos on social media.
* Philanthropists and patrons can participate in the construction of new school building at own land at Magadi road, Kadubgere Cross next to Janapriya apartment, Bangalore.
*Donors can sponsor a Class room, a dormitory, a hall, library, kitchen, dining hall, prayer hall, school bus etc.

Bring your desire to make the world a better place. Let us help you find the right volunteer opportunity. For more info Click Here